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So, you've decided on a Caribbean vacation, now comes the difficult but enjoyable task of picking an island, then a type of holiday and finally the Hotel, Resort or Inn, who will be your host while you are enjoying your home away from home in the Caribbean.

The Islands:

Every island in the Lesser Antilles, (the lesser Antilles are those islands south of Puerto Rico)offers unique vacation experiences, all offer friendly people, superb whether and beautiful locations. One way to narrow the choice and your search; is to decide if you'd prefer a Beach or a Tropical, setting.

The high Islands those that offer a high central mountain range Dominica, Granada and St. Lucia to name a few, are generally more tropical, offering great flora and fauna, lots of annual rainfall, hence luscious green surroundings, lots of local fruits and vegetables and tropical vegetation but less than stellar beaches and boating.

The low lying islands, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbados to name a few, are more suited to a Sea and Beach vacation experience. These types of islands tend to be flat and low lying offering less rainfall and a more African savanna look. These flatter islands have less annual rainfall, so local tropical fruits a vegetables are less abundant. What the low lying islands do offer is great seaside locations, lots of reef protected bays and inlets many of which boast spectacular beaches.

Now you've chosen your island, next what type of accommodation is going to make your holiday special. Every island has a multitude of choices. From High end resorts, to mid priced hotels, small  Boutique Inns and finally Guest Homes. When choosing one should consider more than 'JUST PRICE" there are many establishments that offer a great holiday experience at lower than expected rates. Also remember a list of stuff does not ensure a "GREAT" vacation experience. No matter how much stuff your home away from home offers, unfriendly service or a cattle mentality can ruin a high priced vacation, just as quickly as a medium priced one.

It is important to be honest with oneself when choosing a vacation setting in the islands. If you are the kind of traveler that needs all the modern amenities then choose a larger all-inclusive type hotel or resort which is probably a safe choice, although you will loose some of the magic that makes the Caribbean such a popular area. If you are a little more comfortable traveling, then a small Boutique Resort, local Inn or full service guest home will offer you a new experience and a fantastic overall holiday at probably a better value.

Finally a Caribbean holiday is a big investment, choose wisely and the experience will reward you with fond memories for years, pick your holiday on price alone you may wish you stayed at home.

All of us in the Caribbean look forward to your visit to our idea of "PARADISE"!

Your Caribbean Awaits!
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